BrainStorm Network is an innovation consulting firm whose mission is to bring your ideas to Life!

We do this by helping people get unstuck, sparking fresh thinking, and generating game-changing ideas, insights, solutions and results.

We love the word “collaboration” as we work together to address your organization’s TOPIC’s (Threats, Opportunities, Problems, Issues, and Challenges).

Specifically we focus on:

  1. Designing and facilitating engaging business innovation events, meetings, and corporate retreats
  2. Creating brainstorming training programs, seminars, workshops and courses
  3. Developing innovation resources and brainstorming training tools

Our eclectic mix of clients creates cross-culture exposure to many industries and company cultures.  It also helps us cross-pollinate ideas from industry to industry and prevents us from getting trapped in one industry, business or cultural “box”.

We operate as a network of professional innovators, developing strategic partnerships with consultants, facilitators and subject matter experts in various fields.

Practically, we serve as a think tank who sparks more profitable ideas and business solutions, while designing creative thinking resources, events, and experiences for our clients.

Our goal is to help companies who want to create Atmospheres of Innovation™ in their organizations.  We help your team make it rain More Profitable Ideas.

The company is centrally located in Norman, Oklahoma, USA.