Approx. 3 minutes

Approx. 3 minutes

Over the past decade, we have worked with a wide variety of firms involved in the energy business, ranging from oil and gas companies and pipelines to refineries and chemical firms.  Below is a listing of the common elements, along with some sample projects.

Our focus is to help people get unstuck, spark fresh thinking and generate game-changing ideas.  Our expertise includes: Change Engagement, Communication, BrainStorming, Innovation, Creative Problem-Solving, Process Improvement, Leadership and Strategy.  Projects usually include a mix of facilitation, consulting, and coaching within a collaborative framework.

Common Elements of Energy Projects

  • High-Stakes issue, problem, &/or opportunity ($1 Million – $100+ Million)
  • Working with a team of talented and diverse senior executives and professionals
  • Some level of urgency to accomplish goals, make progress, and get results
  • High degree of complexity requiring fresh perspective and keen insight
  • Openness and desire for breakthrough ideas leading to tangible results
  • Focus on improving processes, developing systems, enhancing communication

Power and Energy SourcesSample Projects

  • Led executive team brainstorming retreat focused on totally revolutionizing $800 Million drilling ops.
  • Facilitated diverse group of 20-something team members focused on retaining Gen-X/Y employees
  • Facilitated group of field supervisors/rig experts to develop guidelines for Air Drilling process
  • Facilitated brainstorming event to improve equipment & usage of new Shale Gas Separators
  • Facilitated 18-person cross-functional task force to re-design the entire Well Readiness process
  • Developed meeting guidelines to dramatically improve effectiveness of team meetings
  • Planned division-wide communication event to share task force results with all team members
  • Designed/led brainstorming session with safety team focused on reducing pipeline-related accidents
  • Planned/facilitated brainstorming process to fill up new product pipeline for oil refinery
  • Developed strategic planning process with executive team for USA’s oldest refinery
  • Coached senior executive on setting up newly-formed Quality Assurance department
  • Designed customer satisfaction survey for operations unit to gauge awareness and performance
  • Worked with cross-department team to re-design websites for 7 different departments
  • Designed business unit-wide plan to enhance communication within company
  • Collaborated with senior leaders to gather, review, and prioritize all division projects


If you have a high-stakes project, please contact us via email or the contact form.