Carpe Boxem


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Change Engagement Program

Perfect for

  • Team Strategy and Planning Sessions
  • New Company Initiatives
  • Sales and Marketing Meetings
  • Corporate Restructuring Events
  • Staff/Board Meetings
  • Retreats Annual Company Meeting Keynote

The Problem

People (and company cultures) tend to develop routines and thinking patterns that limit their ability to adapt to change.

Even the phrase “think outside the box” has become trapped in a well-worn cliché box. Many people simply don’t see the attitudes, behaviors, and mental models which affect their ability to grow and discover new ways of thinking.

It’s Not a Question of Managing Change, but Engaging Change.

The Solution

The Carpe Boxem® program offers a unique perspective on the thinking outside the box metaphor by challenging each participant to identify, examine and modify their mental models about life and work.

Your team will be surprised, then equipped to see their issues, problems, opportunities, and challenges with fresh eyes as they . . .

Re-Think the Box!

The Outcomes

Key Benefits for Your Team:

  • Identify Future Global Trends Affecting Your Industry
  • Overcome Hidden Obstacles to Innovation
  • Explore How to Profit from New and Emerging Economies
  • Recognize and Evaluate Your Organizational “Boxes”
  • Learn the Reasons People and Organizations Change
  • Receive Powerful Innovation Tools and Resources
  • Gain Practical Ways to See with “Fresh Eyes”

The Value

When people resist change, they get stuck and miss out on the inevitable opportunities for personal and organizational growth. The effect on corporate culture and profitability can be devastatingly dramatic.

How Much Would it be Worth to Help Your Team Successfully Identify, Evaluate and Modify Their Mental Boxes?


Half-Day Seminar, Breakout Session, or Keynote Speech

Download the full PDF