Beyond BrainStorming

Beyond BrainStorming

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Innovation & BrainStorming Training

Perfect for

  • Marketing Initiatives (Ad Campaigns, Product Naming, etc.)
  • Strategic Thinking and Planning Sessions
  • Corporate, Sales, & Marketing Meetings / Retreats
  • Manager and Employee Skill Training
  • The Problem with BrainStorming

MANY people think “BrainStorming” is BS! Why? Because they’ve participated in such pathetic brainstorming sessions and seen so few results. Domineering colleagues, secret agendas, pitiful preparation, aimless wandering, stale topics, inefficient methods, poorly trained facilitators, lonnnnnnng meetings, and all for what? NOTHING is often the RESULT of these “innovation” events.

Lots of companies rank “innovation” HIGH on their corporate value list. Yet, when it comes to their own internal brainstorming sessions, they’re still stuck in 1950’s BS … thinking that brainstorming is limited to sitting around a conference room table shouting ideas at some poor facilitator who can’t write fast enough.

The Solution

In reality, there are HUNDREDS of brainstorming tools and techniques. John Storm’s stimulating Beyond BS™ program offers a unique opportunity to learn, practice and apply multiple brainstorming resources to generate powerful ideas and solutions for your company’s High-Stakes Issues and Million Dollar Problems.

The Tangible Benefits of Beyond BS™


  • Overcome the Key Deficiencies of Traditional BrainStorming
  • Generate More Profit by Increasing Revenues/Reducing Expenses
  • Explore up to 25 Powerful BrainStorming Tools & Techniques
  • Maximize Individual, Team, Tribe and Crowd BrainStorming
  • Discover New Ways To Capture Ideas and Bring Them to Life!


  • Learn How to Unleash the Power of CyberStorming™
  • Design your Company’s own “Perfect (brain)Storm”
  • Discover How to Create an Atmosphere of Innovation™
  • Overcome the Biggest BrainStorming Blunders™
  • Profit from the Emerging Trend of Distributed Innovation™

The Value

How Much Would it be Worth to Equip Your Team With Cutting-Edge Innovation Tools They Can Use EVERY DAY to Generate More Profitable Ideas?


1⁄2 Day Seminar, 1 Day Workshop, 2 Day Retreat

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