Beyond Strategy


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Strategic Planning Facilitation

Perfect for

  • Business Strategic Planning Events / Sessions
  • Corporate, Sales, Marketing Meetings / Retreats
  • Board of Directors / Management Team Retreats
  • Strategic Thinking and Vision-Casting Events

The Problem with Traditional Strategic Planning

Nearly every business has a basic strategic plan. Yet, once that plan is in place, they rarely re-examine their process about how to re-vamp, re-engineer, and re-innovate their plan to create game-changing results. MANY companies (and strategic planning facilitators) spend too much time REVIEWING THE PAST, rather than FOCUSING ON THE FUTURE. “Innovation” ranks HIGH on most corporate values lists, but when it comes to their strategic planning process, they’re still stuck using outdated tools (i.e., S.W.O.T.), inefficient techniques, and boring meeting formats.

The Solution to a Stale Strategic Planning Process

We help you re-think, re-invigorate, and re-engage your strategic planning process to go Beyond Strategy™. Our facilitation approach serves as an “early stage module” within your overall Strategic Planning process that will help your team look at your problems, challenges, and opportunities through a different framework.

As your strategic planning facilitators, we focus on equipping your people with the mental tools and innovation resources they n.eed to engage and create change pro-actively and positively. Your Return on Innovation (ROI) comes as they generate innovative ideas, develop creative solutions, discover game-changing strategies, and capitalize on emerging opportunities for your High Stakes Issues, Million Dollar Problems, and Fast-Breaking Opportunities.

The Tangible Benefits of Beyond Strategy


  • Get your team out of their daily ruts
  • Re-think your business and industry mental models
  • Identify game-changing business drivers
  • Overcome painful strategic planning pitfalls
  • Move beyond “past-based” thinking to “zero-based” planning
  • Develop communication, benchmarks & accountability systems
  • Generate more (>quantity) profitable (>quality) ideas
  • Capitalize on emerging/future trends and change


  • A concrete sense of hope and confidence
  • A renewed sense of commitment and enthusiasm
  • A genuine sense of accountability and momentum

The Value

How much would it be worth to re-think and re-vision your strategic planning process in order to move beyond strategy to tangible actions that generate game-changing results?


Customized by client need ranging from half-day “Sparking” sessions to year-long engagements

Download the full PDF