What you’ll find below is an assortment of client testimonials from multiple industries. This is not an exhaustive list, as some companies limit our ability to share due to the confidential nature of our work. For additional testimonials, feel free to check out our LinkedIn page or email us for an updated list.

Click on the name of the company below to navigate to their testimonial.



Microsoft Corporation was founded in 1975, has over 88,000 employees and is headquartered in Redmond, WA. The firm creates, manufactures, licenses and supports a wide range of software products and services including Windows, Office, Visual Studio, Bing, and many others. For more info: www.microsoft.com

Outcomes/Focus of Work:

  • Designed and facilitated a customized Innovation Event for 30+ members of the Global Sales & Marketing Team.
  • Worked with the team to generate 100’s of ideas about issues relating to Developer Tools Marketing Planning.
  • Identified 65+ “Big Issues” that face the team’s products and marketing plans.
  • Discovered over 800 ideas focused on possible solutions for the Top 5 Issues.
  • Equipped the team to use multiple Storm- BrainingTM tools, techniques, and tricks that can be used daily to generate ideas.

Reference Letter:

Microsoft Clients

“I recently had the good fortune to hire John Storm to lead an internal marketing planning workshop with representation from Microsoft offices around the world, which resulted in the most successful event we have held of its kind. We have conducted workshops in the past that frequently resulted in wallowing over well-worn territory. To help move past this and get better results, I knew I needed to alter the variables of the event equation.

Once selected, John turned on the afterburner and rapidly exceeded my initial expectations. In a very short period of time, John was able to master our internal jargon, develop a familiarity with our product line and internalize what I hoped to achieve from the event. A key differentiator in selecting John for this opportunity was his sincere desire to partner on the solution and not simply reflect back to me what he was hearing me say. Instead, he dug into the problem and sought to understand what we needed to achieve, helping me elevate my own performance.

John is extremely adept at working with a diverse group of individuals, which was necessary with our global team. With John’s help, we generated and captured more ideas in six hours than we had ever done before. He’s a terrific public speaker with a dynamic presence and is masterful at building rapport with an audience. Bottom line – John Storm is a fantastic innovation facilitator. His efforts left me with tangible results that exceeded my expectations. I look forward to working with him again sometime soon.”

– Rob Caron, Marketing Communications Manager


Siemens Medical Solutions

Siemens Medical Solutions

Industry: Medical Technology, Molecular Imaging

Siemens Medical Solutions is part of Siemens AG, headquartered in Munich, Germany with U.S. headquarters located in Malvern, PA. The company was founded in 1847 and has 475,000 full-time employees world-wide. The medical division focuses on medical technology including diagnostic and therapeutic systems. This group is centered around the exploding field of molecular imaging with offices in Hoffman Estates, IL and Knoxville, TN. For more information, see: www.siemens.com

Outcomes/Focus of Work:

  • Designed and facilitated a customized BrainStorming Training Event for eight
    members of the Molecular Imaging team.
  • Led the team through the Train the StormBrainer™ event including the key processes
    involved in a successful brainstorming session (Preparation, Exploration, Precipitation, Evaluation, and Implementation).
  • Trained to use 10 powerful StormBraining™ techniques that can be used every day
    to generate ideas within the company.
  • Shared Time-saving, Idea-generating Tips, Tricks, and Tools to help each participant
    successfully lead their own internal brainstorming events.
  • Discovered over 60 ideas about How to Create an Atmosphere of Innovation™ at
    Siemens Medical Solutions.

Participant Comments:

Siemens Medical Solutions Clients

I really loved the tools. I went away feeling confident I could lead a session of my own that others would enjoy. – Karen Nelson

John’s brainstorming techniques left us with several valuable tools for future deployment in Siemens. The techniques we learned will be valuable in unearthing new ideas and strategies as we move forward. – Tom Cross

This one day brainstorming session was one of the most productive, enjoyable work days I have spent in a long time. Thank you! – Kim Gordon

Great content and very effective environment for learning the art of Brainstorming. John’s philosophies give a whole new perspective on creative and innovative thinking to get you”out of the box.” – Elizabeth Gibson-Ward

Delta Dental of Oklahoma

Delta Dental of Oklahoma

Industry: Insurance

Outcomes/Focus of Work:

  • Worked with Senior Leadership team to enhance strategic planning process
  • Introduced Senior Leaders and Managers to new innovation concepts, resources, and tools
  • Helped design a Stakeholder Input Strategy that harvested hundreds of ideas
  • Led Board of Directors session to seek their input, insights and ideas

Reference Letter:

“Delta Dental of Oklahoma has embraced the strategic planning process for more than 16 years. Every three years we work to identify our stakeholder’s needs, wants and perception of our performance. The process takes one year from the collection of stakeholder intelligence to plan approval by the Board of Directors.

Each planning cycle we seek new ways to “see” the future, generate new solutions to old problems, compare our business metrics and performance with competitors and juxtapose our business to alternate industry frames. For the 2011-2013 planning cycle we searched for a planning facilitator to revitalize our process and bring fresh methods to generate fresh thinking about the same old subjects – basically, to shake things up. We initially chose John Storm based on his presence in the facilitation industry, experience and willingness to sign on to a year-long project schedule.

We would select John Storm again due to the outcome of his process. Because of the Brainstorm process, more than 1,700 ideas and solutions were developed by internal and external stakeholders. Never before has the Senior Staff enjoyed so much input from stakeholders. The final product was a Strategic Business Plan that created enthusiasm among all stakeholders, multiplying our value proposition and vectoring client needs and wants with corporate objectives.
If you are seeking a strategic planning facilitator or idea generation machine, I can unreservedly recommend Mr. John Storm for the job.”

– John E. Gladden, President and CEO

ValSpar Corporation

ValSpar Corporation

Industry: Coatings, Paint

The Valspar Corporation has been around since 1806! The company manufactures and distributes coatings,paints, and related products. Its coatings include decorative and protective coatings for metal, wood, plastic, and glass. The firm is based in Minneapolis, MN and has 9500+ employees. www.valspar.com

Outcomes/Focus of Work:

  • Designed and facilitated a customized BrainStorming Training™ Event for 10 key internal leaders and facilitators at Valspar’s Global Technical Center at the Packaging Coatings Group in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Worked with the team to generate over 300 ideas about how to Maximize and Enhance the “Collaboratory” (Valspar’s dynamic new innovation lab space).
  • Discovered nearly 100 ideas about How to Create an Atmosphere of Innovation™ within the Packaging Coatings Group.
  • Trained to use multiple StormBraining™ tools, techniques, and tricks that can be used daily to inspire ROI-focused innovative thinking within the Valspar culture.
  • Over 90 ideas were discovered about How to Get Buy-In for the Collaboratory from both internal and external clients.

Participant Comments:

ValSpar Corporation Clients

The most fun I have ever had in a training session. – Janet Bliss

This training session was very enlightening – I can’t believe how many ideas I could generate and not feel intimidated. – Patty Decker

John’s enthusiasm for the subject combined with his sensitivity for individuals make this a great experience. – Grant Schutte

Good pace, time went by quickly. Some training sessions you can’t help but look at your watch – not in this case. – Dawn Herko

I never knew that there were so many mind-jogging techniques available to stimulate ideas in a group. – David Bittner

Within days I was able to put into practice several techniques presented by John. The response was not only enthusiastic participation, but productive results. We came away with literally hundreds of ideas and concepts to consider. I’ll certainly be incorporating John’s techniques on a regular basis, not only within our business team, but with our customers as well. – Patricia Schroder

John’s program was a very eye-opening experience. I never thought there could be such a myriad of ways to conduct idea generation sessions. Since the training, I have already begun implementing some of the concepts in actual brainstorming sessions. I previously thought that I was a very good ‘brainstormer’, however I have learned that brainstorming, like other activities, requires training and practice. I am looking forward to continuing the honing of my brainstorming skills. – Jeff Niederst



Industry: Chemicals, Plastics, Energy

LyondellBasell Chemical Company was founded in 1985, has over 10,000 employees and is headquartered in Houston, TX. The company manufactures and sells chemicals and plastics, produces fuel products, and refines heavy and high-sulfur crude oil throughout the world. For more information: www.lyondellbasell.com

Outcomes/Focus of Work:

  • Designed and facilitated a customized Innovation Event for 11 members of the newly formed Procurement Best Practices Team.
  • Worked with the team to generate hundreds of ideas about how to Reduce Expenses in Lyondell’s $1 Billion Service Category.
  • Focused on identifying 2 “Quick Win” Actions to develop and implement ASAP.
  • Discovered over 100 ideas about How to Create an Atmosphere of Innovation™ within the company.
  • Trained to use more than 10 StormBraining™ tools, techniques, and tricks that can be used daily to inspire ROI-focused innovative thinking within the Lyondell culture.
  • Over 90 ideas were discovered about How to Get Buy-In for the Procurement Best Practices Team initiatives from within Lyondell.

Participant Comments:

LyondellBasell Clients

This brainstorming session was the most beneficial I have ever seen. The ideas just flew and it was because of the technique that was used to extract the information. – Sherry Bolding

Great ways to extract ideas; fun interaction. The GullyWashers and BrainDump sharing are great ways to get ideas out without intimidation. – Belinda LeBlanc

I liked the unbiased approach to the brainstorming. I felt my ideas were on level playing field with the others. – Dena Horner

I loved that a simple brainstorming technique spurred so many great ideas. – Tracey Florio

I feel your technique was very good. You are actually brainstorming without realizing you are doing it. – Brenda Rawls

I enjoyed/learned from seeing some of the same frustrations coming from other personnel in different groups/plant sites, etc. – Brian Technik

My thoughts were awakened by the different techniques and examples that you presented to us at our recent sessions. The meeting(s) were informative, a learning experience, helpful, but most of all — fun. We should be able, with this good start, to resolve our issues for this Best Practice Team and move forward onto another step towards our goals. – Diana Starr



Industry: Chemical, Plastics, Agriculture, Energy

BASF is the World’s Largest Chemical Company. Its entities range from agricultural and energy products to chemicals and plastics. BASF SPD (Specialty Products Department) consists of 3 areas: 1. Pest Control,2. Professional Vegetation Management, and 3. Turf & Ornamental. The company has over 80,000 employees. In the U.S, BASF shares are traded under the BF symbol. For more information, see: www.basf.com

Outcomes/Focus of Work:

  • Designed and facilitated a customized Innovation Event for the BASF Specialty Products Department based in the world famous Research Triangle Park, NC.
  • Worked with the 21-member team to create their own Innovation Process from scratch.
  • Generated over 500 different insights and ideas on key company issues while learning and using multiple idea-generation methods.
  • Transformed 40 Specific Ideas into tangible Actionable Items to be completed within 30 days of the Event.
  • Trained to use over 10 StormBraining™ techniques that can be used every day to generate profitable ideas with their teams.
  • Discovered nearly 200 insightful ideas re: How to Create an Environment of Innovation within BASF SPD.
  • Identified over 150 Changes and Trends which may impact the company and its strategies, profitability, and future.
  • Introduced team to award-winning Human Dynamics™Model resulting in mind-altering insights and very positive feedback.

Participant Comments:

Great ideas on how to start brainstorming and developing ideas. – Amie Dunn

Puts brainstorming into an organized process. – Tim Knight

John’s style and process not only stimulated me to think about innovation at work, but also in my personal life with my family as well. – Bill Baxter

The “Human Dynamics” chart is thought provoking. I’ll be using it often. – Wayne Lohman

John showed us the framework on how to share ideas. – Chuck Anderson

John is very flexible and he listens to the group. I now feel like I could conduct a productive brainstorm session. – Bob York

I enjoyed the program because John spoke to us, not down to us. – Mike Murphy

Great session!! – Jonathan Smith

John’s program helped me build on the skills and ideas I already had. – Toni Bucci

The Human Dynamics model really forces and reminds you how complex and amazing the world is. – Mary Parker

EnCana Corporation

EnCana Corporation

Industry: Energy, Oil & Gas Production

EnCana Corporation is a $40+ Billion energy firm based out of Calgary, Canada. They are one of North America’s largest independent oil and gas producers. The company creates high value through large, lowcost, long-life resource plays in Texas, Wyoming, Colorado and western Canada. As of 12/31/04, they have proven reserves of 10.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in addition to approximately 860 million barrels of oil and NGL. For more information, go to:

Outcomes/Focus of Work:

  • Designed/facilitated Innovation Events for two EnCana USA Business Units.
  • Using numerous idea-generation methods, the teams generated over 1,000 unique ideas and insights on key company issues!
  • Introduced teams to Key Concepts relating to the Carpe Boxem® Process, Innovation Dynamics™, and Obstacles to Innovation™ to help them develop creative solutions for revolutionizing key business challenges.
  • Trained to use multiple StormBraining™ techniques that can be used every day to generate profitable ideas with their teams.
  • Designed customized Jump Start Survey™ to catalyze and capture pre-event ideas.
  • Created GolfStorming™ exercise to coincide with post-workshop golfing event.
  • Introduced teams to Innovation Themes such as BlameStorming™, PainStorming™, and DrainStorming™ focused on company and industry challenges, opportunities, and trends.

Participant Comments:

Excellent program. Can be used in any setting or industry. – John Bell

John made brainstorming quick, efficient and fun, rather than slow, tedious and boring. – Russ Kimmitt

Great program – John really does a great job opening a mind to new ways of thinking, in or outside the box! – John Moran, Jr.

John’s program gives brainstorming a whole new meaning. – Paul Becker

When you have a great team, John’s brainstorming tools are excellent for bringing out all of their ideas and getting them organized so that implementation and progress can be made. – Jesse G. Wood

Creative, mind opening, motivational. – Lyndel Loman

Great techniques to facilitate communication and ideas. – Bob Fuqua

This gives leaders one of the best tools. I have seen a lot of good team-building seminars and this one gave me the best tools to build a team that can really stand out as unique. – Dwight Schneider

Invigorating “mental workout”. – Pete Straub

The overall program was a great starting block to changing our future! – Dennis Degner

Great idea manufacturing. – Brant Gimmeson

Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac

Industry: Mortgage, Lending

Freddie Mac is focused on making home ownership possible for millions of Americans. Based in the Washington, DC area, this shareholder-owned corporation employs over 5,000 people. Freddie Mac has produced over 35 consecutive years of profitable operations and provided over 46 million families with financing for their homes. For more information, see: www.freddiemac.com

Outcomes/Focus of Work:

  • Facilitated a StormBraining™ Event with 20+ members of the Freddie Mac Rising Leaders Team
  • Generated over 340 different ideas about how to enhance Freddie Mac’s Environment of Innovation™
  • Trained to use 10 different StormBraining™ techniques that can be used every day to generate profitable ideas
  • Harvested over 100 Strengths/Weaknesses to be evaluated, addressed and capitalized on
  • Identified 40 “Boxes” (mental models) and 25 “Impossibles” (seemingly impossible challenges) that may have an impact on Freddie Mac’s future initiatives
  • Discovered over 50 additional Action Items to add to the 7 Steps of Innovation™ Process

Participant Comments:

Freddie Mac Clients

This was a refreshing way of looking at this topic.

I enjoyed challenging my thought process!

A complete concept on how to approach a new idea.

Excellent seminar and allowed me to focus on some of my own thinking process and some wrongful boxes that I was inhabiting. Gave me an impetus to identify and get out of my box.

Great class, makes me want to go and innovate.

It was energizing.

Very stimulating. Really appreciate the Idea Harvest – going to start using immediately.

A fun storm for my brain! I really enjoyed this seminar and learned about the different visual brainstorming methods. Pocket innovation tool is absolutely fun and easy to use. It gives your brain fuel, when it’s running out of ideas.

Intrinzic Marketing & Design

Intrinzic Marketing & Design

Industry: Marketing, Design

Intrinzic Marketing & Design, Inc. is a successful marketing and design firm based in Newport, KY. The company works with a diverse client base primarily in the Cincinnati, OH area and has 27 employees. For more information, see: www.intrinzicinc.com

Outcomes/Focus of Work:

  • Designed and facilitated a customized Innovation Event for entire Intrinzic team.
  • Shared new Innovation and Brainstorming Resources with the 27-member team.
  • Generated over 570 different insights and ideas for one key client’s issues while learning and using multiple idea-generation methods.
  • Trained to use over 10 StormBraining™ techniques that can be used every day to generate profitable ideas with their teams.
  • Discovered 220 ideas about How to Create an Atmosphere of Innovation™ at Intrinzic.
  • Identified over 280 Issues, Challenges, Opportunities, Threats, and Trends which may impact the company and its strategies, profitability, and future.

Participant Comments:

Intrinzic Marketing & Design Clients

I truly enjoyed every aspect of the presentation & walked out feeling confident about brainstorming & how to tackle it in our everyday business. – Tara Bain

Provided practical tools that we can use every day in our business. – Wendy Vonderhaar

Great program! Very useful and stimulating. Will definitely use techniques in the future. – Daniel Livingston

Best brainstorming techniques I’ve learned. Not cheesy or painful to participate. Can & will use these techniques. – Laurel Glassmeyer

I only wish I had been in a “Brainstorm” session like this earlier in my career. You provided us with great, usable tools in an everyday situation that will change the way I think of brainstorming. – Christina Weigold

This was an entertaining and valuable session. Too many “experts” offer techniques that are not truly useable in the real world – definitely not the case here. Great info, great materials – and everything flexible enough to apply and use. – Debbie Schneider

Explorer Pipeline

Explorer Pipeline

Industry: Energy, Fuel Transportation

Explorer Pipeline is a successful fuel transportation company in operation for over 30 years. It oversees a 1400 mile long energy pipeline running from the Gulf Coast to the Midwest. The company is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has 160+ dedicated employees. For more information, see: www.expl.com

Outcomes/Focus of Work:

  • Designed and facilitated a customized SafetyStorming™ Event for the 10-member Explorer Pipeline Safety Committee.
  • Discovered 130 ideas about How to Create an Atmosphere of Safety™.
  • Generated 75 different ideas about How to Enhance Safety Communication within the entire company.
  • Trained to use 12 StormBraining™ tools that can be used every day to enhance the company’s safety culture.
  • Harvested 180 Insights about Explorer Pipeline’s “Zero” Incident Policy using the powerful ForeCaster™ Tool
  • Helped to stimulate Fresh Thinking about the Importance of Safety within the culture of Explorer Pipeline

Participant Comments:

Explorer Pipeline Clients

I found the session very informative. Most of all I like the fact that we come away with some tangible/workable ideas, not just knowledge we have to go find time to use later. – Jim Sieck

The course was very enlightening on how to engage others to participate more readily in the safety program here at Explorer. – Eddie Pruett

There is more than one way to get to the top of the mountain. – Bryan Hendricks

This teaches innovation and ways to approach things/issues differently. – Stephen Mueller

John’s techniques brought about a whole new way to brainstorm effectively without wasting a bunch of time. I felt the class was very beneficial. I look forward to using his techniques to better address our goals in our safety committee. – Alan Frazier

A timely and modern method of brainstorming and communicating. – Raymond Matlock

Benefited from different brainstorming ideas, good and bad boxes, what they mean. – Omar Garcia

For simple ways to generate and communicate ideas, call John Storm. – Patrick Nwakoby

“Thinking outside the box” is an old slogan; John gives new life and meaning to a familiar phrase. – Gordon C. Hill

American Fidelity Assurance Company

American Fidelity Assurance Company

Industry: Insurance

American Fidelity Assurance Company is the largest, private, family-owned life and health insurance company in the USA. With more than 1400 employees, spanning over 25 locations across the USA, the company has also received Fortune magazine’s prestigious “100 Best Companies to Work For” Award on multiple occasions. For more information, see: www.afadvantage.com

Outcomes/Focus of Work:

  • Facilitated an exploratory StormBraining™ Event with 6 members of the Corporate and Human Resources Leadership Team.
  • Generated over 100 different ideas about how to enhance the American Fidelity HR division’s Environment of Innovation™
  • Trained to use StormBraining™ Pocket Tool that can be used every day to generate profitable ideas within American Fidelity.
  • Harvested over 120 Key Questions and Specific Actions concerning the AFA Human Resources Review Process.
  • Identified 26 “Boxes” (mental models) and 22 “Impossibles” (seemingly impossible challenges) that may have an impact on American Fidelity’s future initiatives
  • Discovered over 60 Topics, Opportunities, Problems, Issues, and Challenges to discuss and explore in future innovation events.

Participant Comments:

American Fidelity Assurance Company Clients

Presentation was very upbeat, positive, and provoked interaction from all. – Teresa Brown, Specialist, Compensation

There were some good “take homes” that can be used everyday in dealing with people and idea “stormbraining”. – Brett Barrowman, Dir. Conf./Mtg. Planning

The StormBraining™ tool allowed our group to share ideas in a non-threatening way. We are leaving our short session with hundreds of ideas to address our issues. – Bev Wood, Manager, Corporate Training

Served as a great introduction process to our improvement initiatives. – Jeanette Rice, Sr. VP, Corp./HR. Division

The tools and processes we used were very meaningful and quickly applied to arrive at a plan to foster innovation in our workplace. – Kim Ashford, Mgr., Human Resources

Malnove Packaging

Malnove Packaging

Industry: Packaging

Malnove is the largest independent non-integrated folding carton manufacturer in the United States. They are headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska and have other operations in Jacksonville, Florida and Clearfield, Utah. They were founded in 1948.

Outcomes/Focus of Work:

  • Designed/facilitated innovative seminar for Malnove’s sales meeting focused on the Thinking and Living Outside The Box theme.
  • Introduced sales force to key concepts relating to the Carpe Boxem® Process,
    Innovation Dynamics, and Obstacles to Innovation to help the Malnove sales team develop creative solutions for new revenue streams in the packaging industry.
  • Harvested over 140 unique ideas based on issue of “How to Connect with Buyers”.
  • Led discussion on action steps and analysis of both company and industry challenges and opportunities.

Participant Comments:

Enjoyable class. I have more ideas now than I can shake a stick at. – Rich Bludorn, Sales Representative

Great props – kept interest, inspired thought.” – Tina Burger, Sales Representative

The Oklahoman

The Oklahoman

Industry: Media, Publishing

The Oklahoman is the largest newspaper in the state of Oklahoma and has been published since 1903. The Oklahoman has over 1400 employees.

Outcomes/Focus of Work:

  • Designed and facilitated Defining Leadership session focused on: “What is leadership? What do we see Oklahoman leadership looking like?” The focus was to grapple with these questions as relates to the development of a customized leadership program for The Oklahoman.
  • Designed and led proprietary Thinking Outside The Leadership Box program. Introduced task force to key concepts relating to Innovation Dynamics, Obstacles to Innovation and the Carpe BoxemTM process which provided a framework for development of the Oklahoman’s “Building
    Leadership” Initiative.

Participant Comments:

I’ll admit I was skeptical. Thinking out of the box, to me, had become a useless cliché and trite expression. John’s presentation was full of fresh and original thinking. I was inspired to try to look at many things in a new way. I would be hard pressed to think of anyone who would not benefit from John’s presentation. – Leo Allard, Account Services Manager

Very good program, helped me be more aware of how I may put limits on people and also how they may view me. – Chris Carpenter, Advertising

Promotional Products Association International

Promotional Products Association International

Industry: Promotional Products

PPAI is the world’s largest not-for-profit trade association of promotional products suppliers, distributors,and consultants. They are based in Irving, Texas. The association publishes Promotional Products Business magazine with a circulation of over 12,000. They recently launched Promotional Consultant for the 20,000 industry salespeople. The industry represents over $17 billion in sales of promotional products worldwide. For more information, see: www.ppa.org

Outcomes/Focus of Work:

  • Designed and facilitated a customized Innovation Event for the editorial staff of Promotional Products Business, PC Today, and Promotional Consultant.
  • Worked with the 7-member team to enhance their internal Story Development Process.
  • Generated over 130 different feature story ideas for new Promotional Consultant magazine using multiple idea-generation methods.
  • Trained to use over 12 StormBraining™ techniques that can be used every day to generate profitable ideas for their team.
  • Discovered over 100 story ideas for future Apparel supplements.
  • BrainStormed over 40 Titles for Annual Supplements and Future Articles.
  • Introduced team to award-winning Human Dynamics™ Model.

Participant Comments:

Promotional Products Association International Clients

Our team is pretty creative and has a lot of good ideas but we didn’t know how to harvest these ideas. John was able to help us funnel all of our ideas into something we could really use. – Tina Berres Filipski, Publisher, PPAI Publications

John’s techniques were simple and easy to understand. I’ll be able to use them on my own for future brainstorming sessions. Having pocket tools are essential because it is easy to forget all the ways to harvest ideas. – Lisa Horn, Editor, Promotional Products Business

The pace and timing of the program were great. It was nice to learn the different techniques for brainstorming without feeling rushed or without a lot of downtime during the transitions. – Cherri Gann, Associate Editor, PPB

This program really helped our group to dig deeper to come up with many different ideas. – Anne Pechuls, Associate Editor, PPB

I learned many new ways to jump-start the creative process. It gave me tools to use when I go back to the office. It was a great session. I’d like to do it again. Everyone can benefit from John’s program. – Pam Webb, Managing Editor, Promotional Consultant

I came into the session unsure how to brainstorm. It seems I was stuck in a rut when trying to develop fresh ideas. Upon leaving John’s session, I feel refreshed and excited about the new techniques he taught us. – Audrey Sellers, Industry Relations Asst., PPAI

I liked John’s laid-back style. I will definitely use the brainstorming techniques that he provided for our future project development and solutions. – Melissa Klusmeyer, Advertising Manager, PPB/PC