High-Stakes Innovation

High-Stakes Innovation

Business Innovation Programs

  • Are you wrestling with nagging “Million Dollar Problems”?
  • Have you lost sight of pursuing game-changing strategies?
  • Does your team need a creative spark to get out of the rut?
  • Has “innovation” become a buzz word and lost its value?
  • Want to take your team to the next level of innovation?

How to Spark Game-Changers, Market-Shifters, and Revenue-Generators

The Problems with Innovation

“CEOs identify creativity as the number one leadership competency of the successful enterprise of the future.”

– IBM Global CEO Study

Yet according to a HotJobs.com survey, only 7% of managers say they want employees who “think outside the box”.

Many companies rank “innovation” HIGH on their corporate value list, yet “innovation” is nothing but a buzz word. They are stuck in the same ol’ business patterns and mindsets that got them where they are.

“Innovation is the key for every company to move forward, but achieving real innovation is a tricky process; it is far easier said than done. CEOs are quashing creativity without even knowing it.”

– Harvard Business Review

“Companies rely on innovation for success and growth. But, the road to innovation can be a tricky one. Brainstorming is a difficult process that, without proper oversight, can be useless.”

–McKinsey Quarterly

“Given the pace of change that most CEOs are facing in their core businesses, innovation is becoming an imperative for survival.”

– ChiefExecutive.net

So what’s an innovator to do?

The Solution to your Innovation Challenges

The High-Stakes Innovation Programs (Seminars, Workshops, Retreats) are designed to breathe new life into your innovation efforts. We focus on equipping your team with Game-Changing, Paradigm-Busting, Industry- Disrupting, Market-Shifting resources to identify, evaluate, and execute your High-Stakes Opportunities.

The Tangible Results of the Programs

  • Focus on a specific High-Stakes Issue that matters to you
  • Strategize how to “Change the Game” and disrupt your industry
  • Spark fresh perspectives that re-engage and revitalize your team
  • Help team members get unstuck and out of their daily ruts
  • Forecast the impact of emerging global trends and threats
  • Equip your team with cutting-edge innovation tools
  • Identify and overcome obstacles to business innovation

The Value

How much would it be worth to focus on changing the game in your industry?


See how we’ve helped clients such as BASF, Delta Dental, Microsoft, Siemens, and Valspar.

Business Innovation Program Description

Perfect for

  • Special projects / new initiative teams (marketing, new product)
  • Strategic planning process “kickoff” events and shake-ups
  • Sales and marketing strategy meetings / retreats
  • Leadership / management professional development
  • How to Spark Game-Changers, Market-Shifters, and Revenue-Generators


All programs are held at your company location or event site.


Half-Day seminar, Full-Day workshop, Multi-Day retreat/ event

Our Process

  1. We start by identifying one High-Stakes Issue and selecting who you want to participate.
  2. We provide pre-event resources to spark the innovation process.
  3. We design and lead an interactive program with your team.
  4. We provide a provide a post-event report, follow-up insights and options for you to keep the momentum going.

Program Element Options

  • Evaluate your team’s position on the Innovation Continuum
  • Assess and increase the Innovation Capacity of your team
  • Learn and apply the Unnovation ABC’s to get unstuck
  • Explore Game-Changers for strategic opportunities & insights
  • Harness the power of Human Dynamics & Change Dynamics
  • Extrapolate key learnings from the Innovation Heroes exercise
  • Harvest ideas from the Mission IMpossibles case studies
  • Jump start your brainstorming power with the Spinnovator
  • Re-think your mental models with the Carpe Boxem mantra

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